SEO Mistakes Experts Need to Avoid

If you want to become a successful blogger, you need to run a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign. Since, SEO is vital in order to make any blog/website a success, you need to make sure that you’re implementing the SEO Strategy in an absolute correct way. Honestly, SEO is becoming pretty intricate with the passage of time and there are various reasons behind it. However, I believe that Google Algorithm and the various factors included in it makes the whole SEO procedure even more difficult.
SEO Mistakes Experts Need to Avoid Having said all of this, another important thing to keep in mind is that in 2012, SEO has witnessed a lot of drastic changes. Thanks to these changes, the old tactics might not work anymore when it comes to SEO. People who have kept themselves well-informed about the changes are still unable to understand the new tricks and techniques due to which most of the experts are making a whole lot of mistakes. Since there are various SEO myths available as well, differentiating between true and false is a lot more difficult. However, in this article I can definitely advise on avoiding some common mistakes being made by not only newbies but also experts.

1. Constructing rich anchor text links:

As an expert, you should know that rich anchor text links are not too good for search engine optimization. However, you should also be able to know that how rich becomes too rich. According to a recent case study, it has been proved that rankings of a blog and website can be improved without building rich anchor text links.
If you want to improve the rankings of your website, you must know how to swivel up your anchor text. Just make sure that you bring in a lot of variations in your anchor text and try not to make it any richer than 30-35%. Variations in your text will play an important role in SEO and website ranking. Always keep in mind that it is almost impossible for someone to link to your rich anchor text. Thanks to variations, you have more changes. Your anchor text links should be relevant and if they are, they don’t have to rich ones. I would strongly recommend you to avoid rich anchor text links however, if you still want to, make sure you put in a lot of variations.

2. Quick and hasty link building:

I have seen a lot of newbies and experts making this mistake. Honestly, you do not need way too many links in order to build your website’s rank. If you really want to succeed in the world of search engine optimization, you have to take things slowly and gradually. Instead of random link building you should opt for authoritative link building and you will be surprised to see how quickly you climb the ladder of success. Too much of link building will get you a good ranking but only for a few days or weeks. Google’s algorithm is clever enough to detect the unnatural pace of your link building. If it detects it, you are not getting a good rank anytime soon.

3. Links and your Homepage:

Building links to your homepage is again not a very good idea. Your homepage should always look neat so avoid filling the spaces with too many links. In order to build links, you should focus more on internal pages of your website. Wikipedia is a great example of link building with internal pages. As per a report, only 1% of Wikipedia’s link building are on the homepage and the rest of the 99% is with the internal pages. So, for a better ranking focus more on your internal links as far as link building is concerned.

4. Adding second-rate content:

Content is the king of any website. Everything else is important too but you will be able to keep a visitor only if you provide him with some good, quality content. A mistake made by experts is adding mediocre content on their website. So, instead of adding random content on your website, try to put some quality content. The content on the homepage should be a quality content and also it should be a detailed one. Your first page of the website should have more than 2000 words because Google gives preference to such pages when it comes to ranking.

5. Link Building Authority:

You will get a higher ranking if your website is classified as an authority site. There are many ways to make your website an authority site. One of the ways is to get more links however, there are plenty of other ways too. A better way to be an authority website is by being active on social networking websites. Get more people to follow you and like your page. The number of tweets and likes will play an important role in your website’s ranking. According to Google and Bing, they give importance to social activities.
SEO Perfect Company Another way to get a higher rank is to get good authors for your website. Google has the ability to verify authors and by this they can detect quality content authors and other authors. So, your website’s ranking will improve if you have authority authors.
Website’s age also matters a lot. Obviously, if you are starting a new business you will have to create a new website. However, I would recommend you to buy an existing website. An old website will again help you in getting better ranking.
As a blog or website owner, you must understand that SEO is evolving with a rapid speed and you must keep up with it. Try to change with the changes and take things slowly and gradually instead of finding shortcuts. Quality content will always be your USP. So,  SEO’s stop making mistakes and try to adapt new SEO changes. You can surely improve your website’s ranking if you avoid the mistakes mentioned above and act wisely.

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