9 best html5 wordpress framework that are free

With the importance of HTML5 in web development, wordpress theme users are starting to ask for such capabilities for their themes. If you are a wordpress theme developer, it is easier for you to develop html5 wordpress themes or templates if you start off with the right framework that makes it much faster for you to work. The good news is that there are some really good html5 wordpress frameworks that contain all the necessary libraries, shortcodes, elements etc that you need to create a HTML5 wordpress theme or template.
best html5 wordpress framework 1Below are of the 9 of best html5 wordpress framework that you can use.

#1: Carrington hmtl5 wordpress framework

Carrington is a wordpress CMS engine that allows you to create customised templates for post types, categories, pages etc. It also supports HTML5, thus making it easier for a wordpress theme develop to develop some really outstanding themes on top of this free framework.

#2: Handcrafted WP Starter theme

best html5 wordpress framework 2
This is a not a full blown wordpress framework but it has enough basic elements for beginners to take a crack at building their own themes that are HTML5 ready.  It is perfect for folks who are just trying to get their hands dirty at building html5 wordpress themes or templates.

#3: Presswork HTML5 wordpress framework

best html5 wordpress framework 3
PressWork is an impress framework that comes with a drag and drop editor, which makes it easy for theme developers to work with. It fully supports HTML5 and CSS3. Best of all, it is completely free to download.

#4: Reverie wordpress HTML 5 framework

best html5 wordpress framework 4
Reverie uses ZURB’s Foundation, but updated it with HTML5 for optimial use on wordpress. The framework is smooth to use and contains a very comprehensive set of libraries for any theme developer to work with.

#5: Html5 Reset

best html5 wordpress framework 5
This project started off as a basic set of CSS and Html files that they were using. Over time, html5 and css3 elements were drafted it to update the framework. It is now available for anyone to use as the base for a html5 wordpress theme or template.

#6: Roots html5 wordpress framework

best html5 wordpress framework 6
Base on HTML5 boilerplate and bootstrap, Roots is a html5 wordpress starter theme that makes it much easier for anyone to develop a theme.  It has been optimized for you to write less code but achieve faster results.

#7:  Bones html5 wordpress starter theme

best html5 wordpress framework 7
Bones made it very clear that it is not a framework as it find them to be too heavy. Instead, Bones wants to be as lightweight as possible, thus it is calling itself a starter theme. Nevertheless, it is a good tool to simplify wordpress theme coding.

#8 Whiteboard html5 framework for wordpress

best html5 wordpress framework 8
Started in 2008, Whiteboard framework has been around for quite some time. They have updated their framework with HTML5  so it is now possible for any HTML5 theme developers to use it as the base for fast wordpress development.

#9: Genesis HTML5 responsive framework for wordpress

best html5 wordpress framework 9
Genesis framework is quite well know in the wordpress community.  With their latest upgrade, you can now use Genesis framework for designing responsive themes and templates.
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