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Project management is critical to any kind of project work, be it a small individual project or a large company collaboration. Most of us learn project management mainly through trial and error which is not the most efficient way to do so, especially if our mistakes are borne by our clients who have to suffer long delays. Reading up project management skills and content is a good way to bring ourselves up to the expected standard but most of this stuff is hard to read. So, what is the solution? Watching videos!
Here is the good news. You can now watch free project management videos in your iPhone or iPad with this free app from This will eliminate the need to search all over the Internet to find the relevant videos as this free app has collated the best videos for you to learn about project management.
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Benefits of app

There are a lot of cool benefits you can get with this free app. Not only is there useful content and videos but it functions as mobile project management software as well.

Time saving project management tips

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The App features weekly tips and hints in how to manage your projects successfully. It’s free project management training at your fingertips. ProjectManager has years of experience in doing project management and they have applied their expertise in selecting the best videos for consumption. It is like cable TV for project management, but all done for free.

More than just free project management videos

This app has more than videos. If you prefer reading than watching, there is also a daily tips section that has well written articles for you to muse over. These articles contain very practical and informative text that can help get up to speed in terms of your knowledge on how to manage a design or development project well.

Project management on the go

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If you are an existing user of, you can log into your account using the app and be updated on the completed tasks and milestone from your mobile device. You can even update the projects and set new tasks from the iPad itself. These features are great for folks who need to travel often but still wants to be in control of the project schedule.


Overall, projectmanager’s new app is great tool for learning about project management on the go. The videos are relevant and easy to digest, with daily tips to keep you updated on this subject. Best of all, it is completely free so there is no reason not to download it and give it a try.

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