Next generation theme – 3 designs in 1

It is often the case that we need to buy a different theme for each type of design that we want to create. There are some generic themes such as Pagelines from Platform Pro that allows you to customize a lot of stuff but they require a bit of coding work. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a new concept called Stacks, created by In simple terms, Stacks is like having a few designs all roll into one single theme. The user just need to select which design they want within one theme and they will have their desired design. This is a great idea and one that I think might appeal to many folks.
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Different designs within one theme

Stacks are available through one central theme called X. Within this theme, you simply have to choose which design you want and your whole site changes with just one button click. Below are the current 3 designs X has in its template.  They are called: Integrity, Renew and Icon. You can see how different they look.
theme x review 2
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Crafted by experts

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Each of the stacks that you saw above has been designed by experts.  These are folks who have ran multi million businesses or advertising campaigns and are aware of the kind of features  a converting website should have.  These include best practices from a SEO and conversion point of view. Moreover, these experts have contributed articles and resources that will otherwise have a high price tag. Now, they are freely available to folks who have purchased X.

Each stack is fully customizable

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Within each stack, you can further customize each theme using options and short codes. These custom options are not your run of the mill options. You can literally change any aspect of the design from header, width size, textured background, no of widgets, layout format etc. These unlimited customizable options make each stack very different from each other. Best of all, they can be preview live using X’s live customizer, which allows you to view your changes in real time

Other notable features of X

Besides the above, the X theme carries many other benefits and features that are critical to a theme’s success including:
  • Responsive: Every stack looks equally good on web and mobile so you don’t have worry about where your site is viewed.
  • Slider Revolution: Make your slideshow look good with the revolution slider which is bundled in with X (would cost you $16 if you bought it on your own).
  • Intelligent Thumbnails: This is a really cool feature. You simply select how big you want your image to be in the customizer and X can automatically resize all your uploaded image
  • Over 600 Fonts
  • WooCommerce Ready: You can easily convert your website into an ecommerce store

Are stacks child themes?

Some folks might mistaken stacks as child themes but they are not. Child themes are essentially another theme that is developed within the same framework. Stacks, on the other hand, are already embedded within a single theme and can be change with a few clicks of the mouse. You can definitely still create child themes within the X theme.

X is a innovative theme that attempts to reduce the need for repeat theme purchases by rolling 3 unique designs into one theme. It is darling concept and I encourage you to check it out as it just set a new benchmark on how themes can be developed.
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